Guidelines for Nomination

Faculty honors are available for every level of your career, whether you’re a new assistant professor, midway through your career, or a distinguished leader in your discipline.

Applying for honorific awards offers many benefits:
  • Raises your profile among your peers, and builds connections with colleagues around the world.
  • Increases recognition for your work, your department, and your college.
  • May provide time and support to engage in research projects.
  • Receiving an award can begin a pathway to further recognition.

Make Your Plan

  • Identify award opportunities at least 6 months to a year prior to the deadline.
  • In addition to the time you’ll need to prepare your proposal, many awards limit the number of references who may support applications, so it’s important to reach out to colleagues early in the process.

  • Keep your CV up-to-date and available online.
  • Participate in professional academic societies and stay current with your membership dues.
  • Many awards require membership for a certain length of time as part of the eligibility requirements. Others also often require active participation — such as committee membership, organizing conferences, etc.

  • Volunteer to serve on grant/award review panels.
  • Volunteering as a reviewer can help you gain insight into the awards selection process, and prepare you to develop strong proposals.

Are You Ready to Apply?

  • Begin the application/nomination process at least 5 months prior to the deadline.
  • Many applications are time-consuming and extensive, and require substantive documentation. Some applications require multiple references from colleagues who will need time to fit the task into their own schedules.

  • Plan to submit the application/nomination at least a week prior to the deadline.
  • This allows for unexpected contingencies (hurricanes, power outages, Internet issues, government shutdown periods, etc.), additional needed documentation, or issues with the application portal. Also consider weekends, holidays, and other events that may delay the application.

We Can Help

  • Our role is to help faculty identify and apply for national and international honors and awards.
  • Contact our office or attend one of our workshops.