USF Faculty Opportunities

Field of Study:
Award Type Deadline
A. M. Turing Award NRC 2018-JAN-15
AAA Distinguished Achievement Award Other Prestigious View Site
AAA Distinguished Lecture Award NRC View Site
AAA President's Award NRC View Site
AAA Young Anatomist Publication Award NRC View Site
AAA Young Investigator Award NRC 2018-AUG-15
AAAS Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science Other Prestigious View Site
AAAS Fellow AAU NRC 2018-APR-11
AAAS Lemelson Invention Ambassadors Program Other Prestigious 2018-MAR-31
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow Other Prestigious View Site
AABS Book Prize NRC 2018-JAN-15
AABS Research Grants for Emerging Scholars NRC 2017-DEC-20
AACTE Clinical Practice Commission Panel View Site
AAEA Fellow NRC View Site
AAEA Outstanding Choices Article NRC View Site
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