Stephen Saddow


Stephen Saddow, Ph.D. is currently Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Professor in the Department of Medical Engineering at USF. He also is currently Collaborating Scientist at the Italian Synchrotron Light Source (Elettra, Beamline BEAR); and Guest Researcher, National Cancer Institute. He additionally has extensive experience in industry and government, previously serving as Senior Electronics Engineer, with the Army Research Laboratory; Electronics Engineer, Precision Munitions Division, with the Armament R, D, & E Center; and Product Engineer for Electronic Coils, Inc. Dr. Saddow's research at the nexus of material science and biomedical engineering works to improve existing biomedical devices by harnessing the properties of bio- and hemo-compatible silicon carbide (SiC) materials to allow for new and improved in-vivo medical devices. He is internationally recognized in the field of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Biomedical Technology as one of the first scientists to demonstrate its biocompatibility and bio-versatility, and he has engineered more than a dozen related patented devices and technologies. This research led to a paradigm shift for in-vivo medical devices, as he proved SiC can replace silicon-based devices given its chemical resilience and bio/hemo-compatibility. Today, uncountable numbers of commercial biomedical devices utilizing these technologies-such as neural and dental implants, cardiac stents, long-lifetime biosensors-are in use worldwide. He holds 13 patents, has published over 250 articles and books, and received over $8.7M in grant funding. With funding from DARPA, he worked to develop policy and a world standard to test materials for implantable brain machine interfaces. He is Senior Member of IEEE, was named IEEE Florida Engineering Educator of the Year, and is a charter member of the USF Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors. He holds a BSEE from Western New England College, MSEE from New York University, and Ph.D. from the University of Maryland-College Park.

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