Moez Limayem


Moez Limayem joined University of South Florida Muma College of Business in 2012, coming from the University of Arkansas. At USF, Limayem has worked to raise the college’s profile, increase its resources, build program demand, and strengthen its relationships with business leaders. The results from his first years are impressive: the college received three multi-million-dollar naming gifts and its programs have risen in national rankings. Pam and Les Muma’s 2014 gift of $25 million was the largest gift in university history. In 2015, honoring $22 million in gifts to support USF, including a $10 million gift to the accounting program, the USF School of Accountancy was named for Lynn Pippenger. A year later, the Collier Student Success Center naming recognized a $10.85 million gift from Barron and Dana Collier. The donation invigorated a unit that focuses on student success and career preparedness programs. As an administrator, Limayem spurred the development of a DBA program targeting seasoned C-suite executives and a professional development program targeting the b-school’s younger students. He expanded programs such as the Corporate Mentor Program and led efforts to begin certificate programs in anti-money laundering. Limayem has published dozens of articles, often focusing on the intersection of technology with the consumer, academic and business worlds. He coauthored of a scholarly book, “Understanding The Use of Technology-Based Self Service: The Consumers’ Point of View.” His most recent publication is “Building an Informing Business School: A Case Study of USF’s Muma College of Business.” Limayem worked in the private sector as a systems analyst and computing consultant before earning MBA and PhD degrees from the University of Minnesota. He has taught at universities worldwide include the University of Minnesota, Laval University (Canada), City University (Hong Kong), and Lausanne University (Switzerland) and University of Arkansas.   

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